Bridging the gap between the Chinese and the international dispute resolution community

WunschArb wins the award of “Cross Border Disputes Law Firm of the Year in Switzerland” by Acquisition International

On 8 April 2014, Acquisition International (‘AI’) Magazine announced the winners of their 2014 Dispute Resolution Awards. WunschArb Sarl won the ‘Cross Border Disputes Law Firm of the Year: Switzerland’ for its innovative devotion to resolution and prevention of cross-border commercial disputes. This is the first professional global award received by WunschArb since its inception three years ago.

Like the M&A Awards and Intellectual Property Awards, this year’s Dispute Resolution awards recognized over 500 winners from nearly 60 countries. “The companies and individuals recognized in this year’s awards can be truly proud of their amazing work over the past 12 months.” said Acquisition International’s Jane Peter, director at AI Global Media Ltd.

In the past year, WunschArb has helped companies mainly from China and Europe, of various sizes and industries, to prevent and solve disputes with their commercial business partners in cross-border deals. WunschArb’s approach is innovative favoring pragmatism and cross-cultural dialogue over legalism.

Besides, WunschArb also strives to be a leader in academic and market research. A key achievement of the last year was the presentation of the Chinese Court Decision Summaries on Arbitration Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. The Chinese Court Decision Summaries on Arbitration is a collection of English summaries of Chinese court decisions (related to arbitration), edited by WunschARB. The collection consists of just under 500 case summaries of cases concerning enforcement of arbitral awards, validity of arbitration clauses and annulment of arbitral awards.

Dispute resolution is said as one of the most competitive and forward thinking areas in the entire business world, and as stated by Jane Peter “for these companies and individuals to have reached these levels of customer service and innovation while achieving the results that they have is nothing short of astounding.”

These global awards recognize the outstanding achievements of individuals and companies within the dispute resolution arena, and crucially, are nominated by their clients, their professional relationships and their peers. AI’s Dispute Resolution Awards identify and honour success, innovation and ethics across international communities. The winners are determined by factors including (i) the number of votes received, (ii) the substantial in-house research, and (iii) supporting documents from the nominees.

WunschArb is very proud of this very first award and will strive to achieve ever higher standards in servicing its clients and promoting effective dispute resolution for cross-cultural business disputes.

Written by Lear Liu


WunschARB has provided excellent expert support for our contract negotiations starting with an extensive discussion to understand our exact requirements, which resulted in a detailed and clear contract proposal in the English and Chinese language. Subsequently WunschARB provided valuable comments and proposals for contract modifications during the discussions with our contract partner.

- Sjeng Hovens, general manager, DADA Consultancy BV

For the past six years Clarisse von Wunschheim has worked with me under various work conditions. Clarisse is easy to work with, not only due to her multi-lingual and multi-cultural background, but also due to her extraordinary efficiency and her proactive solution-oriented approach to complex international arbitration.

- Jingzhou Tao, Managing Partner for Asian Practice Expansion, Dechert LLP, Beijing

Clarisse von Wunschheim has a deep understanding of arbitration law and practice in China. I have always found her to be responsive, accurate and available to assist my clients, with a great deal of legal and commercial experience and common sense.

- Ashley Howlett, Partner, Jones Day, Beijing

Clarisse von Wunschheim is an outstanding lawyer, extremely diligent and open minded. She has acquired quite a lot of experience in international arbitration, from a theoretical as well as from a practical perspective, and has assisted me in several proceedings. I can warmly recommend her services!

- Pierre Tercier, Emeritus Professor, University of Fribourg and Honorary Chairman, International Court of Arbitration of the ICC

"Clarisse von Wunschheim ist ein ausgesprochener Glücksfall für die schweizerische und internationale Schiedsgerichtsgemeinschaft, da sie echte Pionierarbeit in den Beziehungen zwischen der Schweiz und China auf diesem Gebiet leistet."

- Georg von Segesser, Partner, Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich


The Book: Enforcement of Commercial Arbitral Awards in China 2013 4th ed.