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WunschArb joins ASIALLIANS in Beijing and strengthens its presence in Switzerland through Hartmann Dreyer


WunschArb joins ASIALLIANS in Beijing and strengthens its presence in Switzerland through Hartmann Dreyer
WunschArb加入ASIALLIANS北京,并通过Hartmann Dreyer律师事务所巩固瑞士市场地位


We have the pleasure to announce that as of 1 March 2015, the WunschArb Team has joined ASIALLIANS.

While Dr. Clarisse von Wunschheim is splitting her time between Switzerland and China, Lear Liu and Yves Hu are based in Beijing and have integrated ASIALLIANS' Beijing office.
吴希家博士(Dr. Clarisse von Wunschheim)会继续在瑞士和中国两地开展工作。刘丁敏(Lear Liu)和胡宇鹏(Yves Hu)则主要在ASIALLIANS北京办公室工作。

ASIALLIANS is a French law firm with a network of 12 offices in France, China and Taiwan and more than 200 professionals providing its clients with integrated European-Asian services. The founding partners of ASIALLIANS, Franck Desevedavy, Alina Quach and Antoine Loubier, have over 15 years experience in advising clients in Asia in every field of foreign investment.
ASIALLIANS是一家在法国、中国大陆和台湾地区有着12个办公室的法国律师事务所。它拥有由200多名专业人士组成的团队为客户提供中欧合璧的服务。ASIALLIANS的创始合伙人戴达维(Franck Desevedavy)、郭仪(Alina Quach)和卢安城(Antoine Loubier)在外商投资各领域为客户提供服务已逾15年。

In China, ASIALLIANS works in cooperation with Wang Jing & Co., a PRC law firm. Originally specialized in shipping and insurance law, including maritime arbitration, Wang Jing & Co has gradually developed into a full service law firm with offices in 10 cities in China as well as in Hong Kong.

In Taiwan, ASIALLIANS has formed a long-standing partnership with WTW Commercial Law Firm, with approximately 20 lawyers covering the whole territory of Taiwan.

In Europe, ASIALLIANS has entered into a strategic alliance with Hartmann Dreyer Attorneys-at-law, a law firm based in Switzerland which has a particular focus on Swiss and European commercial and corporate law.
在欧洲,ASIALLIANSHartmann Dreyer律师事务所建立了战略性合作关系。Hartmann Dreyer律师事务所是一家位于瑞士并专精于瑞士及欧洲商事和公司事务的律所。

The combination of ASIALLIANS’s expertise in foreign direct investments, WunschArb’s expertise in cross-border dispute resolution, in particular international arbitration, and Hartmann Dreyer’s network in Switzerland and Western Europe will provide their clients with a unique palette of services covering all aspects of European-Asian commercial and investment projects in greater China, from the set-up of the transaction to the dispute resolution.
ASIALLIANS在外商直接投资方面的专长与WunschArb在跨境争议解决(尤其是国际仲裁)方面的专长的结合,加上Hartmann Dreyer律师事务所在瑞士和西欧的网络,将为所有的客户提供从初始的交易安排到后期的争议解决等一系列欧亚商事和对华投资的全方位服务。

The integration of WunschArb Team and cooperation with Hartmann Dreyer Attorneys-at-law will strengthen ASIALLIANS competence in foreign direct investment and extend its presence in Greater China and Western Europe.

The new contact details of our team are as follows:

Dr. iur. Clarisse von Wunschheim, Of Counsel
吴希家博士,顾问 or

Lear Liu, Associate

Yves Hu, Associate


Robert Morgan, Special Counsel
Robert Morgan,



WunschARB has provided excellent expert support for our contract negotiations starting with an extensive discussion to understand our exact requirements, which resulted in a detailed and clear contract proposal in the English and Chinese language. Subsequently WunschARB provided valuable comments and proposals for contract modifications during the discussions with our contract partner.

- Sjeng Hovens, general manager, DADA Consultancy BV

Clarisse von Wunschheim has a deep understanding of arbitration law and practice in China. I have always found her to be responsive, accurate and available to assist my clients, with a great deal of legal and commercial experience and common sense.

- Ashley Howlett, Partner, Jones Day, Beijing

For the past six years Clarisse von Wunschheim has worked with me under various work conditions. Clarisse is easy to work with, not only due to her multi-lingual and multi-cultural background, but also due to her extraordinary efficiency and her proactive solution-oriented approach to complex international arbitration.

- Jingzhou Tao, Managing Partner for Asian Practice Expansion, Dechert LLP, Beijing

Clarisse von Wunschheim is an outstanding lawyer, extremely diligent and open minded. She has acquired quite a lot of experience in international arbitration, from a theoretical as well as from a practical perspective, and has assisted me in several proceedings. I can warmly recommend her services!

- Pierre Tercier, Emeritus Professor, University of Fribourg and Honorary Chairman, International Court of Arbitration of the ICC

"Clarisse von Wunschheim ist ein ausgesprochener Glücksfall für die schweizerische und internationale Schiedsgerichtsgemeinschaft, da sie echte Pionierarbeit in den Beziehungen zwischen der Schweiz und China auf diesem Gebiet leistet."

- Georg von Segesser, Partner, Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich


The Book: Enforcement of Commercial Arbitral Awards in China 2013 4th ed.